Important Things for Oregon Trip Permit

Important Things for Oregon Trip Permit


Oregon trip permit will no longer issue weight receipts for vehicles taxed by weight miles. The mileage tax plan is the same as before.  

Trucks with established accounts

The vehicle must be registered in the per-mile weight tax program operated by Oregon, if:

The mile weight tax must be reported and paid monthly or quarterly. You are no longer entitled to a temporary ID. So, keep a deposit for using the highway to ensure payment of tolls, taxes, fees, fines, and interest. Check out our information about bonds and insurance.  

You can use Oregon Trip Permit Online to get:

TED files and credentials, these Issues, cancel and change most permits and passports. You need to update the current vehicle list. There is no commission for adding, changing or deleting vehicles from your account.

So, register the car. Newly registered taxable vehicles are included in the kilometer taxation plan at the time of registration. Submit mileage tax report and IFTA report.

How to register a car in Oregon

Entering a new state can be a daunting task. Most people don’t know how much work it takes to settle in a new area. If you are a new resident of Oregon, the first thing to do is to register your vehicle. To avoid late fees, you must register your vehicle within 30 days of entering the state. To register your vehicle, you must visit your local Oregon DMV. When accessing the DMV for this purpose, you will need the following:

Proof of residence or Oregon address and certificate of vehicle insurance with full name or vehicle registration form. Submit vehicle name or manufacturer’s certificate of origin and bring a form confirming that the vehicle has passed the emission test. Then, perform a VIN test and bring your mileage certificate.

When you buy a vehicle from an Oregon dealer, you usually go through the registration process. In this case, please make sure that you have received all the files, as this is essential for trying to get the label.

Oregon Trip Permit from another state

You can drive in Oregon with a valid overseas travel permit. You must keep a certificate of insurance on the vehicle and heavy Vehicle Driver’s License.

A driver’s license must be obtained before starting work. You will need this permit if:

The total vehicle weight class exceeds 26,000 pounds and/or has 3 axles. The vehicle (S) is/unregistered (expired or has no license plate). Oregon does not appear on the taxi registration card.

Note: Truck drivers must have a registration card or taxi card to obtain information.

Cost: $43 for 10 consecutive days.  

Permit to drive a heavy trailer

Unregistered trailers require a permit. Allowed use:

Trailers with payload (ORS 801,330) over 8,000 pounds; Trailers with solid cargo; or Special-purpose trailer. Cost: $10 for 10 consecutive days.

Legality of non-national vehicle registration driver’s license

You need to temporarily register your vehicle for Oregon Trip Permit. The easiest way to meet the registration requirements is to use a travel authorization, and obtaining a Washington travel authorization is much easier than the overseas travel authorization claimed by

A travel authorization you must keep proof of insurance in the car.


I have a Western Australia driver’s license and live between my apartment in Western Australia and my house in OR the car has an old label or (maybe or It may not matter). The vehicle is insured in OR The vehicle is only used for OR The vehicle is only used for a few days (the driving license is valid)

Obtaining a license

Learn the Oregon Driver’s Manual;

Optional: Take a practical knowledge test; Determine whether a real ID card is needed; Make an appointment; If this is your first time in Oregon, please complete the online pre-registration;

Go to the DMV office;

Provide your actual address and proof of identity (if you want to get a real ID, you need to bring other documents);

Pass the knowledge test; Take a vision test;

Pay 23 USD or 53 USD to get a real ID card;

Take a photo.

Before 18 years old?

You will have different things to do. Please visit our youth website for instructions.

You must show your driver’s license, Oregon trip permit, or ID (if any) in Oregon or any other state or country. Cannot be suspended, cancelled or revoked in Oregon or any other state. Please print out the list of documents required to obtain this ID.

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